• Daleside Blonde


    A fully flavoured, golden ale with hoppy aroma and a crisp finish, our best selling beer! 

    Alcohol 3.9% by volume

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  • Old Legover

    A well balanced ale with a nutty and bitter-sweet taste. "A right grand Yorkshire beer" 

    Alcohol 4.1% by volume

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  • Bitter

    A classic English ale, copper coloured with refreshing crisp malt finish. 

    Alcohol 3.7% by volume

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  • Monkey Wrench

    A dark and beautifully smooth strong ale. The official beer of the UK Foo Fighters. 

    Alcohol 5.3% by volume

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  • Morocco Ale

    A strong dark spiced and mysterious ale brewed to the secret ancient recipe held at Levens Hall for over 300 years. It is an ideal dinner beer.

    Alcohol 5.5% by volume

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  • Pacesetter

    A classic crisp golden ale. 

    Alcohol 3.9% by volume

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  • Daleside Lager

    An award winning beer with a floral aroma and a refreshing crisp finish. 

    Alcohol 4.3% by volume

  • Pride of England

    A golden beer with a hoppy aroma 

    Alcohol 4.0% by volume

  • Export

    A premium export strength beer. 

    Alcohol 5.0% by volume

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  • Santa's Progress

    A Seasonal Beer, gold in colour and fruity aromas and a warming malty finish. 

    Alcohol 4.2% by volume

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  • Greengrass

    Named after the loveable rogue of Yorkshire TV’s “Heartbeat” series. A golden coloured beer. Alcohol 4.5% by volume

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  • Poppies Ale

    Brewed in collaboration with the Royal British Legion. 10p per pint was donated to the RBL. 

    Alcohol 4.0% by volume

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  • Brew 29

    A light fruity Session beer

    Alcohol 2.9% by volume

  • Clipped Bush

    Developed for Levens Hall to honour the oldest topiary garden in the world. 

    Alcohol 4.5% by volume

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  • Chippendale Ale

    Brewed to celebrate the 300 year anniversary of the birth of Thomas Chippendale. 

    Alcohol 4.3% by volume

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  • G&P

    Gin infused pale ale. Alcohol 4.0% by volume

  • Stout

    A classic rich stout. Alcohol 4.2% by volume

  • Sea Fever

    A New World pale ale. Alcohol 4.3% by volume

  • Lemongrass Thai.P.A

    A refreshing pale ale with zesty citrus notes Alcohol 4.0% by volume

  • Wet Your Whistle

    A light session ale. Alcohol 3.8% by volume

  • Special

    A fruity light bitter. Alcohol 4.1% by volume

  • Triple B

    Brewery best bitter. Alcohol 4.1% by volume

  • Yorkshire Rascal

    A crisp golden beer. Alcohol 4.2% by volume

  • Tanners Rigger

    A classic I.P.A. Alcohol 4.5% by volume

  • Spiced Porter

    A dark silky porter. Alcohol 4.2% by volume

  • Blood Orange IPA

    A citrus fruit I.P.A. Alcohol 4.5% by volume

  • Leg Cutter

    A session ale. Alcohol 3.8% by volume

  • Winter Jewel

    A dark fruity ale. Alcohol 4.0% by volume

  • Summer Daze

    A summer pale ale. Alcohol 3.6% by volume

  • Black IPA

    New Zealand inspired I.P.A. Alcohol 4.2% by volume

  • Dry Hopped Cask Lager

    A fruity lager. Alcohol 4.2% by volume

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